Working with a network of over 500 creative professionals, PaylessPlus is a production house specializing in video and image production that creates flexible teams of photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists, food coordinators, editors, and experts in their respective industries, tailor-made for your project to ensure we deliver the highest level of quality in every project we take on.
We are experts in the visual medium and can produce content with the proper cast to tell your stories across an array of media.




We believe the purpose of advertising is to captivate each individual.
Whether it is liking or engaging a post, gaining a newfound interest or understanding of a company, or becoming a hardcore fan or new user of a product,
we aim to create visual content that generates this spark and forges that connection.


Takanori Matsuzaki

Paylessplus Producer

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture
Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology Department of Arts and Design
After graduating he joined a joint venture production company formed by Yoshimoto Kogyo and Yomiuri TV, where he worked as an AD and director for 8 years on variety shows, music programs and commercials including “Downtown DX”, “ASAYAN”, “Our Music”, and “Honda Cross Factory”

He joined Payless as a founding member in 2007 and has since been involved in all photo and video projects in various capacities as a producer and director.